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parts : whole


parts:whole is under the creative direction of Leslie Kay Lim, who commissions, edits and designs each volume of the anthology. She can be reached here ︎ for any queries.

Further information about each of the contributors is below.

VOLS 1 + 2 :
NICO CHILLA is a designer and web developer based in New York, NY.

LARRY EASLEY is a astrologer and artist based in New York, NY.

ALINA GREGORIAN is a poet, artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

NANCY HASKELL is a fashion retailer and buyer based in Brooklyn, NY.

LESLIE KAY LIM is a designer, editor and illustrator based in Singapore and New York.

PATRICK YANG MACDONALD is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

JULIE MACINDOE is a fashion and placemaking researcher based in Naarm and Melbourne, Australia.

AIKO MASUBUCHI is a film curator, producer and translator based in Tokyo and New York.

MIA NAKAJI MONNIER is a journalist and creative writer based in Los Angeles, CA.

MAI NARDONE is a fiction writer based in Bangkok, Thailand.

ANTHONY PALLIPARAMBIL JR. is a fashion scholar and editor based in Bowie, MD.

SHIKHA RENTALA is a design strategist and interior designer based in Bangalore, India and Milan.

GABRIEL SMOLLER is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

LYDIA VASKO is a freelance writer based in Singapore.

AMANDA WONG is a scientist and lecturer based in Singapore.

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