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A Blink between Moments
in a Bedroom 

by Amanda Wong


I haven’t been here in years.

This is my everyday.
Soft in its familiarity.

I close my eyes, imagine what once was.
Picture the space the way I see it in the
back of my eyelids.

The door, off-white with that
worn metal knob.

What matters is inside, anyway.
Here I am enveloped.
Safe to be, safe to do.

Three breaths. The moment slips past.

Light streams through the east-facing window.
The tree beyond, constant and fixed,
save for its leaves adrift on the wind.

A carefree idyll, it sets the scene.

Expectations loom, invisible and cool.

Fluttery anticipation.
Reaching for what’s next.

Anxiety crawls up my neck.
Only some

Things are possible.

Do I want to go back?


Things are coming.

Not everything is possible, and
that’s so
much more comforting.
Moments of meaning in the ebb and flow.

Endless possibility
swimming towards me.
While I wait, I

Someone else’s things

Live here now.

2022 © A.Wong